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Boisdale Art

Salomé Wu

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Glimmering Silver

Oil, pastel, chalk on canvas

21 x 30cm



Salomé Wu is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice involves oil painting, works on paper, installations, performance and music. Her work examines otherworldliness through dreamy scenes which most often depict biomorphic figures suspended in a state of contemplation. The themes of love, time, fragility, and the interplay between reality and the unseen pervade her paintings and works on paper. Across media, she presents a nonlinear journey, weaving together seemingly disparate elements that range from her writings to external narratives and references to artistic moments from the past.

Wu’s work is held in private collections in the UK, USA, France, Italy and Switzerland. She has exhibited with Saatchi Gallery, London; Huxley Parlour, London; Soho Revue, London; Sapling Gallery, London; Guts Gallery, London; Wilder Gallery, London, Modernity Stockholm, London; 9 French Place, London; Canopy Collections, London; Delphian Gallery, London and Basel.