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Boisdale Art

Luke Noel

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Late at night on a Ferris wheel

44 x 32cm



MA Fine Art Painting from The Royal College of Art (Distinction) 2018
BA Fine Art from The University of East London (First class) 2013
Foundation Diploma in Fine Art, University of the West of England, 2007

My work explores the relationship between abstraction and landscape, exploring how basic form and colour can start to hint at objects in space. Combining inspiration from early Spanish frescos with pre “vanishing point” methods and textile design flatness, I build blocks of colour that bounce between illustrated objects and starry space behind them. This optical game is furthered using dyed sand that magically seems to adhere to a surface.

I’m interested in how the process of making something can be a form of escapism for the maker, and how this can, in turn, provide an opportunity to escape for its viewer. By combining illusive techniques that draw inspiration from craft, DIY and the history of painting, I aim to create something that describes the nature of making.