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Boisdale Art

Lucy Newman

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Flower study in the style of Audubon but in the future after exposure to nuclear mutation 2

Hand-embroidered cotton thread on found canvas

55 x 55 cm



Lucy Newman studied Printed Textile Design at Central St Martins School of Art.
She began her artistic career fabricating sculptures and textile works for a contemporary artist. During this time, she took various courses in hand embroidery techniques at the Royal School of Needlework. In 2017, she established LJN STUDIO, a custom hand embroidery studio.

Shifting her focus in 2021, Lucy started creating hand-embroidered thread paintings. Her works have been recognised with the Hand and Lock Prize for Embroidery in 2022 and short listings for the Fine Art Textile Award and Share Prize in 2023.

Lucy Newman’s practice is an interplay between the immediacy of technology and the slow thoughtfulness of tradition. Her artistic process initiates in the digital realm, where she manipulates imagery. These technologically distorted images are then translated into the physical world through hand embroidery.

In her embroidered ‘paintings,’ Newman navigates the delicate balance between the imagined and the real, often exploring themes of nature and futurism. Her compositions are an intricate dance of colour, form and negative space, where the digital seems to have infiltrated and corrupted nature itself.