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Boisdale Art

Laurie Cole

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Like the Last Rays of Sun Before They Drown in the Sea

Oil on canvas and wood, beech frame

32.4 x 27.3cm



Laurie Cole (b.1994, Cornwall) studied for an Art and Design Foundation Diploma at Falmouth University in 2013 and an Illustration BA at Kingston University from 2013-2016. Her work has been exhibited in multiple UK shows including Sid Motion Gallery, Arusha Gallery, Saatchi Gallery curated by Delphian Gallery, Liliya Gallery and That Art Gallery.

Laurie Cole’s (B.1994, Cornwall) practice spans drawing, painting and printmaking. Principal themes within her work are womanhood and place. Often underpinned by her connection to home in Cornwall, water is of personal and thematic significance to Cole, as she considers its vast possibilities as an artistic and narrative device. Water’s unruliness, its lack of containment and confinement, inspires her body of works. Her recent paintings aim to map out an age-old feminisation of the sea and its perils, often finding their starting point in evocative titles. Cole borrows from Odyssean female monsters as well as their contemporary revisions by female translators such as Madelline Miller, from which the title ‘Like the Last Rays of Run Before They Drown in the Sea’ is borrowed. Through painting, she aims to deconstruct, fragment and rebuild ideas to explore personal experiences and navigate a sense of place.