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Boisdale Art

Katie Hackett

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Oil on canvas

40 x 30cm



Katie Hackett is a British painter currently studying for an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. She received her BA in Communication Design and Film from Central Saint Martins (2020) exploring themes of myth and local narrative through a practice that dealt with the textures and materiality of celluloid film via homemade and analogue cameras. Progressing to painting was in part an attempt to rediscover the craft and consideration towards image making through direct and tactile materials.

Hackett’s painting practice continues to be inspired by film and video work where she gathers many of her references for paintings. Exploring natural forces, which are translated through a feminine connection to the environment. Depicting ethereal moments where the wind flows through leafless branches and bodies move through the landscape, a place where motifs float freely and figures appear through bold yet gentle brush strokes. Through a transient visual language that harnesses motion and movement, dreamlike figurations and reveries are captured on canvas.