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Boisdale Art

Jazz Grant

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Mixed media, paper, collage, and acrylic on wood board

36 x 36cm



Jazz Grant (b.1992, London) is a multimedia artist who works mainly as a collagist and film animator.

In her pieces, she explores the construction of memory, personal history, roots and identity. Her work expresses a mixture of what’s to come and what has come before with a process originally honed through studying Menswear at the London College of Fashion. The need to represent concepts visually and explore form, texture and colour led to the creation of artworks that stood in themselves. Each aspect of the collage is carefully sourced, photographed, printed, scanned and individually hand-cut. Through an intuitive method of curation and a refined sense of composition, each piece forms an aesthetic and meaningful conclusion that visually explores the original idea of the work. Each composition is made from elements that are personally photographed by Grant or sourced from archival imagery.

Her unique style and craft have led to her creating a mural for Jay Z’s Book of HOV, NYC exhibition, artwork for the front cover of Dazed magazine and collaborations with taste-making brands and artists such as Celeste, Noname, Burberry, Gucci, Hermès and Adidas, whilst being celebrated in magazines such as The Face, Love Magazine and Creative Review. Jazz is currently working on her solo exhibition in spring 2024.