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Boisdale Art

Iona Hutley

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Oil on board

16 x 23 cm



Iona Hutley b.1991, is a London-based painter. She studied at the Florence Academy of Art (2014-16) and is currently enrolled in the MA Fine Art Program at City & Guilds of London Art School. Her current focus explores themes that dwell in the liminal space of human experience. 

In all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder there lies a secret order” - Carl Jung

How we are “internally organised” informs and colours our external reality. I find this to be true in the studio as the process of "making art" is often infused by the quality of my “state of being.” I’m interested in how Art can reflect an internal concern for the spiritual and emotional dimensions of human experience, and its potential to soothe or move the emotional tides within us. 

Painting is the vessel I employ to sail beyond the veil, communing with subterranean energies that wish to be expressed through paint. Drawing inspiration from the mystical to the magical, and scaffolded by a mythopoetic framework, I often refer to archetypal motifs from Greek Mythology to Jungian Analysis as a guide when creating the work.

In the process of making a painting, I aim to tap into the hidden contents of my interior world, emptying the emotional body by channelling it into something tangible and physical. Via the alchemy that occurs in the creative process, I am seeking to draw meaning in the mundane, tease order from discordance and harmonise the chaotic into something beautiful and coherent. I believe this is the healing power of Art.