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Boisdale Art

Georgina Stone

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Wendy Moira Angela Darling

Acrylic, oil, ink, glitter, and powder paint on canvas

35 x 25 cm



Georgina Stone (b. 1996 UK) is a London-based painter who graduated from The University of Brighton with a BA in Fine Art Painting in 2018 and is currently studying for her MA at the Royal College of Art. Georgina has exhibited her work in multiple group shows internationally during and after her residency in China, Chongqing. She was most recently included in a group show ‘Beyond Boundaries’ with Guts Gallery in London.


Artist statement: My practice focuses on the visceral, physical and psychological natures of painting. I approach my paintings as an unfolding process, allowing the work to develop through various methods and approaches. I operate a considered material practice yet celebrate a playful unknowingness and reaction through encounters. Using a ‘push and pull’ relationship with the often heavily layered surface, I reveal both history and doubt. I tend to conceive through an internal logic rather than a premeditated intent, this interplay in the artwork between control and whimsy is where the tension is created. The action of painting is a performance, engaging the entire body and utilising various instruments in the form of paintbrushes: nails, sticks, pens, and my hands, creating a magnitude of marks and engaging me to rework the surface. Throughout my practice, hints and teases of more extensive relationships between childhood nostalgia, femininity and 1950s Disney films unfold.