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Boisdale Art

Ella Belenky

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Oil paint and collage on canvas

61 x 51cm



Ella Belenky (b. 1991, USA) is a visual artist based in London, UK. Ella completed her undergraduate BA in Studio Arts at Bard College in Annandale, New York (2013) and her MA in Print at The Royal College of Art in London, UK (2019). Ella is interested in an expanded notion of print – the painterly gesture in conversation with a regurgitated image; re-formed, printed and displaced. These layered forms through which we communicate instil questions surrounding printed matter and the way we learn about the world and each other through it.


‘Fountain’ feels fresh on the skin, a cool eruption on a hot day, Wave upward; A great display of power. The repetition (double) suggests an interest in the copy The print: vintage tea cards depicting a photograph of the volcanic Rotorua Pohutu geyser of New Zealand reminds me of Las Vegas - The Fountains of Bellagio; There is a sense of entanglement and displacement a synergy of power and fragility, old and new, inside and outside.