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Boisdale Art

Claire Shakespeare

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Oil, pigment and paper on canvas

41 x 31cm



Claire Shakespeare (b. Stourbridge, UK) studied BA Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton in 2022. Their practice captures the everyday experience through an investigation of improvisation and chance within painting. Shakespeare has had two solo shows including 'Wobbly Knee' with Devonshire Collective, Eastbourne in 2023 and recently curated a group show 'Void' at Praxis N16 Studio, London in 2024.


Driven by impulse and material processes, works incorporate the act of painting as a means of searching for familiarity in the unknown. Work is led not by destination, but to embrace the unknowability and accidental within its own creation. Through processes of scraping back and re-layering, previous unfinished works are resurrected allowing re-occurring motifs to unexpectedly align and reveal new paintings. With tactile surfaces, ambiguous motifs move simultaneously between semi-abstraction and figurative objects; which are often suggestive to parts of the body or landscapes, and in turn become visual innuendos.