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Boisdale Art

Bryan Rodrigues

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Royal Wedding

36 x 27.5cm



Bryan Rodrigues was born in Canada and moved to Portugal at a young age. After dabbling in Sciences he decided that a future in the Arts would be more fulfilling. He studied in Portugal and Italy and eventually found his way to England. In the past four years, his work has gone through crucial changes. His interest in the mysteries of the collective and the personal started to given shape to what has now become the main theme of his work, the unconscious mind.

At first, there was Imitation of gesture, then Innovation. In my journey, I am the mythmaker. The techniques, the materials, the surface, the shadow, the volume or the lack of it, the colours or the compositions, are not the priority. They are merely a mental trip. I’m motivated by the unknown. That’s why my work begins unconsciously. The unconscious is the body. I focus on the movement. Only then can I cast an ideal reflection. Powerful in its simplicity. My method is simple. The process needs to be naive in its initial stages, no knowledge is required or needed and the image needs to be found. I choose the surface and the materials. I make sure that everything is easily available and after that the first layer is created with blind action. Then, I simply react to the possibilities that have been given to me. I am not original, I am purely reactive. It is difficult to explain the unconscious process, the underlying mysteries sometimes can not be revealed, but the transformative potential of this inner journey is totally worth it.