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Boisdale Art

Amy Austin

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My Body is a Cage

Oil on canvas

30 x 35cm



I'm an Eastbourne-based multi-disciplinary artist currently pursuing my MA in Fine Art at the University of Brighton, I previously studied Illustration during my undergraduate studies. In 2021, amidst the pandemic's challenges, I joined the pioneering cohort of the Online Drawing Development Year at the Royal Drawing School.

My work has been showcased at the Bankside Gallery with the Royal Watercolour Society, as well as group exhibitions at Bermondsey Project Space in both 2022 and 2023. In January 2024, I was honoured with the Young Artist Award by Green & Stone Gallery and St. Cuthbert’s Mill for my piece, "The Visitor”. This May marks my participation in an artist residency at Dumfries House, part of The King’s Foundation, a remarkable opportunity facilitated by The Royal Drawing School.

I work across multiple mediums, from oil painting to weaving. My practice is rooted in process and materiality, allowing intuition and the mediums’ inherent qualities to guide me. Inspired by the art of weaving, my work goes through several metamorphoses, layering colours and marks to reflect the intricate matrix of the loom's warp and weft. 

Certain pieces experience cycles of destruction, reassembly, and transformation, shaping evolving visual narratives. Figures emerge from stains on canvas or the pooling of water on paper. These elements invite the viewer to interlace personal narratives into each artwork, stepping into the role of storyteller. 

My current paintings delve into a deeply personal narrative—my ongoing battle with chronic illness and pain.