Waverton Art Prize: £10,000 cash prize to contribute towards their career or studio, leading to a Solo Presentation to take place at Alice's Oyster Bar and Gallery at Boisdale of Bishopsgate, London.

Shortlisting: Work exhibited in Waverton Art Prize show at Alice’s Oyster Bar & Gallery, Boisdale of Bishopsgate, London for two months.

Submission: The entry date for submissions has now passed.

Shortlisted and Longlisted Artists: Please see below for the shortlisted and longlisted aritsts:


David Auborn 

Sophie Birch 

Robbie Bushe 

Ethan Caflisch 

Sam Creasey 

Nada Elkalaawy 

Craigie Harper 

Rae Hicks 

Shivani Khoshia 

Jung A Lee 

Yajie Liang 

Lindsey Jean Mclean 

Alice Miller 

Hannah Murgatroyd 

India Nielsen 

Francisca Pinto 

Heidrun Rathgeb 

Clare Rees-Hales 



Michael Ajerman   

Jade Anthony   

Nathan Anthony
Rafaela deAscanio   

Helen Ashton   

Amy Austin   

Kate Bland   

Flora Bradwell   

Holly Brodie   

Sabrina Brouwers   

Louise De Buck   

Joseph Buhat   

Jessie Burgess   

Elysia Byrd   

Michael Chance   

Jessica Jane Charleston   

Diana Charnley   

Cho Hui Chin   

Anna Choutova   

Suzanne Clements   

Joey Cocciardi    

Becca May Collins   

Sabrina Conroy-Iglesias   

Dieter Darquennes   

Janne Marie Dauer   

Yvadney Davis   

James Dearlove   

Lisa Denyer   

David Dessert   

Tom Down   

Catherine Eldridge    

Louise Evans   

Joe Fan   

Katherine Finnimore   

Nikitina Galina   

David Gardner   

Pearl Gatehouse   

Abi Giltinan   

Tristan Gittens   

Freya Guest   

Louisa Haban   

Lucile Haefflinger   

Hwi Hahm   

Julia Hamilton   

Abigail Hampsey   

Sarah Hardy    

Nicola Hepworth   

Yuuki Horiuchi   


Neel Kudhar   

Sam King   

Jamie Kirk
Clara Lacy   

Simon Leahy-Clark   

Vanessa Lawrence   

Kyungseo Lee   

Clara Leitão   

Catherine Lette   

Jiacun Li   

David Lock   

Shana Lohrey   

Daniel MacCarthy   

Alexi Marshall   

Bex Massey   

Richard Matthews   

John McGovern   

Dominic McIvor   

Andrew James McKay   

Anne Mcneill   

Rachel Mercer   

Efrat Merin   

Lydia Merrett   

Henry Miller   

Holly Mills   

Vanessa Mitter   

Andras Nagy-Sandor   

Alex Pascual   

Paige Perkins   

Nicole Price   

Michal Raz   

Alex Roberts   

Jen Roper   

Moussa David Saleh

Kaja Lønnkvist Stumpf   

Liorah Tchiprout   

Sibi Bogdan Teodorescu   

John Thomson   

Andrew Torr   

Jan Valik   

Alex Veness   

Stella Whalley   

Harriet White   

Harry Whitelock   

Yiwei Xu   


Maddie Yuille   

Muzi Zhang   

Lee-Roy Zozo


The Waverton Art Prize is aimed at supporting artists all over the world by showcasing the very best in contemporary art with a first prize of £10,000 leading up to a Solo Presentation to take place at Alice's Oyster Bar and Gallery at Boisdale of Bishopsgate, London. All shortlisted work will also form a separate exhibition at Alice’s Oyster Bar and Gallery in London for 2 months.

Submissions are now closed.

The winner will be announced at a private annoucment event on 28th June and the exhibition of shortlisted entries showing from 29th June until 31st August.

Submitted works must be up to and under 120cm in any direction. Work must be for
sale and delivered to space by delivery, and collection of work is artists responsibility. Artist will receive 50% of each sale and Boisdale will receive 50%, Boisdale will handle shipping of sold works only.

Submissions are now closed. Entries required a brief biography (cv), brief statement as a Word document or PDF (no other formats accepted) and image as attachment. Files must be under 5MB and be labelled with artist’s name, the title of work, size, medium, year and price Eg: Jonathan Green, Untitled Painting, 90x70x4cm, Oil, Acrylic, Ink, Dye and Collage on Canvas, 1978, £3,500.

The Waverton Art Prize is open to artists at all stages, whether already enrolled on a course, about to embark on undergraduate or post-graduate studies, self-taught artists, recent graduates and those who have studied at any time. The selection will lean more towards unrepresented artists and those who have not shown at significant establishments, but artists who are exhibiting regularly and have shown at galleries will also be considered. Applications will be considered purely on the strength and merit of the submitted work.

Instead of being geared toward the best work that is 2D, the prize seeks to platform and spotlight work of significance and promise which excites and impresses the selection team and judge.


Stuart Pearson Wright

Stuart Pearson Wright is an artist living and working in Suffolk, England and winner of the BP Portrait Award.

Born in Northampton, Stuart drew with enthusiasm from an early age and studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. 

During his time at the Slade, Stuart won a travel award from the National Portrait Gallery as part of its BP Portrait Awards. The resulting exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery was called From Eastbourne to Edinburgh: A Painter's Odyssey. Godfrey Barker in the Evening Standard labelled Stuart "A Hogarth for our Times" and Brian Sewell was to describe the paintings as "images of such eccentricity and even madness that they fit perfectly the English tradition of the odd man out: the Blake, Spencer, Cecil Collins line, and the largest of them should at once have been bought by the Tate".

Stuart's won the first prize in the BP Portrait Awards for his painting Gallus Gallus with Still Life and Presidents and in the same year a chance encounter with the actor John Hurt in Old Compton Street led to a small portrait on oak, which was subsequently bought by the National Portrait Gallery along with a portrait of the Ballet dancer Adam Cooper.

Stuart's interest in the theatre, and the concept of artifice led to his next exhibition called Most People are Other People: a collection of forty portrait drawings of British and Irish actors. The work was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and the National Theatre in London.

Stuart is currently working towards a solo show at Flowers Gallery in London.

Key dates (2022)

  • Extended deadline for Submissions

    23.59 GMT 14th May

  • Selection of Shortlist

    18th May

  • Delivery of works

    25th May – 15th June

  • Award Winner Announced at Private Event

    28th June

  • Exhibition dates

    29th June – 31st August


Entries are now closed.

About the prize

The Waverton Art Prize, founded by Boisdale will be selected from an open call. It is open internationally to artists artists at any stage
of their career and entry is online. 

The prize is open for the following mediums: Drawing, Painting, Collage or Print and artwork must be ready to hang if selected.


There are two stages to the prize:

Shortlisting for the exhibition;

and judging.

A minimum of 15 artists will shortlisted to exhibit with the final prize winner being selected by Stuart Pearson Wright 


Entry costs £10 per work to enter and you may submit 1 work per person.


Extended deadline for Submissions  -  11.59pm 14th May 

Selection of Shortlist - 18th May 

Delivery of works - Wednesday 25th May – Wednesday 15th June

Winner Announced and Private Event - Tuesday 28th June

Exhibition dates - Wednesday 29th June – Wednesday 31st August

Entrants are expected to carefully read the Term and Conditions to ensure that the conditions are understood clearly.

To enter

Submissions for the Waverton Art Prize have now closed.

The artist

Must register and pay the entry fee of £10 (inclusive of VAT) or the entry will be invalid. The entry fee is non-refundable.

Accepts that they are agreeing to the terms and conditions of entry as specified by the organisers, Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd.

May enter one work only. Multiple entries under the same or under different names are not allowed. Artists found to have done this will be deemed in breach of the Prize’s conditions of entry and will have all their entries disqualified.

Undertakes that the work submitted is of their own origination, and that they hold all moral and intellectual property rights in that work. 

Accepts that the images and painting, if shortlisted, are entered at the artist’s own risk. The organisers are not liable for any loss or damage incurred to the image or painting, if shortlisted or selected for the exhibition itself.

Is responsible for the transportation of the painting to and from the designated location if shortlisted. The organisers will not be liable for any loss or damage, however caused, either in transit to and from the exhibition, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, installation, or in any period in which the work may be on their premises or in their keeping. 

If shortlisted, the artist is advised to take out their own commercial insurance to cover their work in transit (two-way) during the exhibition period.

Accepts that their painting, if selected for the final exhibition, will remain in storage until the start of the exhibition. This means that the work will need to be available from the time it is submitted to the close of the exhibition on 31st August 2022.

Accepts that the decision of the judge is final. The organisers of the Waverton Art Prize will not enter into any discussion regarding the selection or shortlisting.

Must, at all stages of the competition, maintain confidentiality regarding shortlisting and selection unless informed otherwise by the organisers. The organisers will liaise directly with the artist regarding any press and media activity.

If selected for the exhibition, agrees to the reproduction of their work or a detail of the work (at no fee) in association with the exhibition, including press, marketing, publicity, merchandise, catalogue and online (including the website and social media platforms).

Accepts that the painting submitted must be available for sale in the exhibition and that Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd. if it requests to do so, is given first option to purchase that work.

Accepts that, if their painting is selected for the exhibition, any sale of the exhibited artwork during the exhibition period will be exclusively undertaken by Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd. and must not be sold or reserved for sale by any other means.

Accepts that, if their painting is selected for the exhibition, they will be subject to a commercial agreement with Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd. regarding the sale of their work and any associated use of images of that painting for merchandising purposes.

Is aware that Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd. adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal details will remain confidential and not be disclosed to third parties.

By submitting an email address you are consenting to receive future emails from Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd. relating to our exhibitions. You can unsubscribe using the email address:

The image

Digital images of the submitted work must be JPEGs between 2MB - 5MB in size and a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels. Works will not be accepted as WeTransfer, Google Drive, PDF or any other format. They must be sent as attached JPEGs. 

One image showing the complete painting must be submitted. 

The image of the painting must not be manipulated in any way and must be of the painting entered. Substitutes cannot be accepted and will invalidate the entry.

It is important that the quality of the digital image best reflects the submitted work. The first stage of selection is entirely based on the image submitted. Images of work must be clear, well lit and preferably on a white wall with edge of work visible. Poorly documented works are at a distinct disadvantage. 

The image is to be submitted online. These must be submitted or received by 23:59 GMT 14th May 2022 otherwise the entry will be invalid.

We are unable to return digital images.

Must be a new or recent work.

Must be wholly or partly executed in any painted medium.

All 2D submissions are welcome. Drawing, painting, collage, print, works submitted
should be ready to hang if selected, framed if on paper, canvases with D rings
and wire installed on the back, one third down from the top of the work.
Submitted works must not exceed 120cm in Height or Length, including frame if

Must be the original work of the artist (or artists if a joint or collaborative work).

Only one work per artist(s) can be submitted.

Must, if shortlisted be the same work as that submitted as an image at Stage 1 and, if selected, framed for the duration of the exhibition itself.

When unpacked, must project no more than 0.5m from the wall.

The painting – if included in the exhibition

Must continue to be available, including for purchase, from judging to the close of the exhibition otherwise this will invalidate the entry.

Must not be removed before the exhibition closing date of 31st August 2022

If sold from the exhibition, the painting is subject to a commission charge of 50% by Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd. This charge will be made by Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd. upon completion of the sale and will be invoiced to the artist. Boisdale of Bishopsgate Ltd., will be in charge of all shipping of works.

The commission charge will attract VAT at the prevailing rate and this will be shown on the invoice to the artist.

Where the artist is registered for VAT, the commission will be applied the painting sale price exclusive of VAT.


By participating, each entrant grants Boisdale and Our Sponsor (Waverton Investment Management) permission to use his/her/their name, artwork, likeness or comments for publicity purposes without payment of additional consideration, except where prohibited by law.